Monday, January 14, 2013

Elf Made Vector

My first image upload. This is a screenshot of an image I created in CorelDraw. The model is myself in my LARP costume. This image was done as a promotional piece for an event. Vector Elf Image
My character is named Sorcha Darkwood, and she is an adept wild elf. I LARP with Nero Canada with my best friend Danni. Nerdiness has never been an issue for me.
The eyebrows are a little wonky, but overall I think I did a decent job on this image.
The original but retouched photo I worked from is slightly different, but still pretty fun. Elf Girl Original-retouched
And here is a comparison of my original camera raw picture against the photo retouched image that I worked from. The Comparison
I'm not one for pictures of myself really, but most of my friends are camera shy, and I think this picture looks pretty nice.

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