Monday, April 15, 2013

Wild One

Just a quick post for now. Here's the process for an image with the word inspiration 'Wild'. As usual I went through a lot of ideas of what to do for this. An animal? A Primitive human? A scary creature from another planet?

Last night I watched a movie called 'The Ward' and that's where I drew my inspiration for this project.’s-The-Ward.jpg

My concept was a person in a straight jacket going crazy and trying to get out. I started with my usual pencil sketch.

Wild Sketch

Next I traced over with Prismacolour markers and ink. I wanted it to have a messy, rushed, 'wild' look to it.

Wild Colour

After finishing with the markers and ink I used Photoshop to increase the contrast and brighten the colours. I used hue/saturation, and contrast layers, and a sharpening and high pass filter.


And there we have a wild drawing of a wild man.

"A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world." Albert Camus

Don't Eat This Egg

Hello again,
and welcome back to the interwebs!

The word of the week is Egg. Being that I love video games, this was actually a very interesting concept for me, because eggs have nothing to do with video games, but I have made it my mission to persevere to design video game concept art from my inspiration words.

My first idea was to make a war hammer with an egg as the actual hammer piece. This is as far as I got:


By the time I got to this point I hated how it looked, and began to think of 'egg' in other terms. What better way to completely screw around with the concept of something as harmless and innocent as an egg, than to turn it into a horrifying monster that looks like it'll eat you first? So that's what I did.

I started off with a sketch I made in about an hour or so. I tried to make it look really dark with the shading to get that really evil kind of essence.


Afterwards I traced over the original sketch with pen on marker paper. At this stage it was really just the lines and overall image I was trying to capture


Next I added some more depth with my pen by filling in the darker areas like the mouth opening. I also made some lines thicker to show shading


After letting the ink dry I started adding colour with my Prismacolour markers. As it was still meant to be an egg I knew I needed a colour that wasn't quite white, but still light enough for it to be recognizable as an egg. I actually ended up using skin tone, slightly peachy. The dirt was just a couple shades of brown at this point.


I continued adding colour to the entire image until it was completely covered, then followed up with more layers of colour on top to get depth and shading, alternating between using darker shades of the same colours and layers of grey. I finished off by adding a few more sketch lines with my pen to really emphasize the darker areas.


After completing the final physical image I brought it into Photoshop to increase the contrast, hue/saturation, and gave it a sharpening, sharpened edge, and high pass filter. The finished product turned out closer to what I had in mind than I had imagined possible.


So the next time you eat eggs, remember how terrifying it could have been. Breakfast seems so nice and peaceful, and then -BAM! Egg monster!

But not today! Have a good one, until next time I bid adieu.

"Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience. A rustling in the leaves drives him away." Walter Benjamin